Monday 1 September 2014

Video footage shows why Green Mile Safari (hunting) Company is banned in Tanzania

Some horrifying footage has been released of hunting and wild animal abuse in Tanzania , by clients of a company known as Green Mile Safari.

The Company has been caught allowing its clients to hunt protected animals with semi-automatic weapons, shoot animals from jeeps, run over animals with jeeps, and otherwise torture animals before killing them.  There is also footage of capturing a baby zebra and torturing it while it cries and tries to get away.

Green Mile Safari, which several Tanzanian media outlets have suggested is well-connected politically, has now had its license revoked by Lazaro Nyalandu, the country’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism. The footage itself has been seen by members of Tanzania’s parliament, who did nothing about it, but it has not, until now, been released to the public. The company, which is owned by Awadh Ally Abdullah and Abdullah Bin Butti Alhamed of the United Arab Emirates is trying to fight the ban allegedly using its political connections..

I find this totally sickening, and so if you want to view the video and get more details please use the following link.

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