Friday 12 September 2014

KWS quotes ludicrous figure for Elephant poaching in Kenya

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said Wednesday (September 10th) that the number of animals killed by poachers in recent years is declining and that the "poaching menace was under control", Kenya's Daily Nation reported.

"Statistics show a decline in poaching cases since 2012 and there is a different trend contrary to what some lobby groups have been portraying," KWS Director William Kibet Kiprono said.
"Our sustained efforts in dealing with poaching cartels have been successful and I can say the worst is now behind us," he said. He said that studies show a drop in animal deaths since 2012.
"Up to the end of last month, Kenya had lost 116 elephants and 26 rhinos to poachers. Comparatively, we are winning this war because in 2012 we lost 384 elephants and 30 rhinos while in 2011, some 289 elephants and 29 rhinos were killed," he said.

In an unusual demonstration of solidarity, two Kenyan newspapers earlier this month dismissed KWS claims that poaching is under control as false, pressuring the government to declare a national disaster.

So how do they expalin that 117 elephant carcasses were found on the Kenyan side in a July aerial survey of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem? That's more than the total they are quoting for the year.
And let's not forget the killing of Satao and Mountain Bull, and numerous others in Samburu and Tsavo.

Are they covering up to try and avoid alarming any potential tourists.

Either somebody is lying, or very bad at arithmetic.

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