Tuesday 16 September 2014

Tanzania in anti poaching coalition

Tanzania has agreed to form a task force together with the United States, China, Germany, European Union, World Bank and the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) to control and curb illegal poaching, trafficking and export of ivory in the region.

Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Nyalandu Lazaro said that the government has decided to seek support of international organizations in order to convince the world to stop purchasing ivory and other wildlife products.

"We want to make sure game reserves and official from the ministry and other departments are getting proper training to tackle the menace in Tanzania," he said."The development partners have agreed to support the government of Tanzania with the proper resources such as weapons, cars, technology, communication devices and training to ensure that elephant killing is abolished."

"We will scale up the efforts and call for action against such illegal activities at international level", he promised.

Personally I'm a bit baffled by the Chinese involvement in this. If they are sincere in their wish to help then why not just BAN IVORY SALES IN CHINA?

And all the coalitions in the World won't do much good if they don't root out the Corruption and Involvement in poaching activities at home.

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