Tuesday 30 October 2018

China allows the use of tiger parts and rhino horn in tradtional medecine

China unveiled new rules on Monday that would allow the use of rhino horn and tiger parts for some medical and cultural purposes, watering down a decades-old ban in a move conservation group WWF said could have “devastating consequences”.

China’s State Council issued a notice replacing its 1993 ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn. The new rules ban the sale, use, import and export of such products, but allow exceptions under “special circumstances”, such as medical and scientific research, educational use, and as part of “cultural exchanges”.

This is absolute madness. A crime commited by a Government.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Almost a ton of Pangolin scales found in Vietnam

Hanoi authorities on Friday found pangolin scales and ivory weighing almost 805 kilograms plus 193 kilograms of ivory, which had arrived by air from Nigeria. The latest haul is further evidence of weak enforcement in Vietnam that allows the illegal trade in wildlife parts to flourish.

Pangolins are treasured in Vietnam and the region for their meat and alleged medicinal properties of their scales. Vietnam has banned trade in tusks and pangolins, but the practice has continued.

Since the shutdown of the Chinese ivory market it has been observed that the traders are moving to nearby countries including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to continue their business where there is little or no enforcement.