Friday 19 February 2016

Almost 100 elephants killed in Zimbabwe in 2015

Close to 100 elephants were killed the country last year, with poachers increasingly turning to the use of chemicals such as cyanide to kill them.

There is a worrying trend where locals are increasingly being involved in poaching activities.

The parks agency, which recently received anti-poaching equipment from China, was upping its anti-
poaching activities and had over the last five years detected close to 8,000 incursions and accounted
for 175 poachers, 145 of whom were locals.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

More arrests over shot down British helicopter pilot in Tanzania

At least five suspects have so far been arrested in connection with last weekend's incident in which a
British pilot Roger Gower (37) was killed. Mr Gower, 37, who was working for the Friedkin Conservation Fund, had been tracking elephant poachers.

Poachers armed with an assault rifle gunned down his helicopter which was patrolling the Maswa Game Reserve in Simiyu region on January 29th.

Roger Gower came to Tanzania about seven years ago and was piloting the helicopter on a mission to track poachers who had reportedly killed three large elephants.

Gower, 37, and a safari guide, Nicky Bester, were flying low to the ground. A bullet is understood to have passed through the floor of the helicopter, hitting Gower first in the leg then in the shoulder before exiting through the roof. He managed to land the helicopter before he died and his companion jumped free and hid from the poachers.

A source revealed that antipoaching operations have been intensified nationwide since the slaying of the British helicopter pilot, netting eight suspects and 21 rifles within the Selous Game Reserve in Mahenge District as well as the five locally.

The Friedkin Conservation Fund was quoted saying that among suspects arrested are members of a network providing illegal weapons and smuggling ivory.

Monday 8 February 2016

Black rhino poached in the Maasai Mara

A black rhino has been found killed in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, near the Tanzania border.
It was thought to have been killed on Friday and was minus its horns.

In 2015, 11 rhinos were poached, according to figures from KWS, which says there are about 1,030 of them (black and white) remaining in the country.

According to the Mara Conservancy, there are about 30 black rhinos in the Maasai Mara today, down from around 120 in the early 1970s

A joint investigation is being carried out be KWS and their Tanzanian counterparts.