Wednesday 13 August 2014

South Africa may move 500 Rhinos from the Kruger national Park

South African authorities have announced a plan to move up to 500 rhino from Kruger National Park to other area areas where they are at less risk from poachers.

The operation will focus on areas of high poaching activity within Kruger, such as the park’s eastern border with Mozambique, where desperately poor people from villages in the area are easily tempted to poach rhinos for their horns by the prospect of quick money.

The rhino could be moved to other state-owned provincial parks, private parks and communal areas. The environment ministry said nearby countries, such as Botswana and Zambia, may also be the recipients of some of them. Botswana is an ideal home for the rhinos, as it has vast  remote areas of sparsely-populated wilderness that are difficult to access.

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