Wednesday 6 August 2014

Elephant Killed with Spears in Laikipia

A 30-year-old elephant was killed by poachers at the Laikipia Nature Conservancy ranch yesterday.(Monday) Its tusks and tail were taken.

The conservancy's director, Kuki Gallman, said that the carcass was found deep in the forest by patrolling security guards.

"The carcass was still fresh by the time we arrived there," she said.
She said the killers have changed tactics as they realised guns are noisy and attract attention and they killed the elephant with spears dipped in poison.
Gallman said poachers are hiding among illegal herders in Laikipia county.
"These herders are causing a lot of problems. Aside from escalating poaching activities, they are also grazing on local people's crops and stealing livestock," she said.

The poachers who killed the elephant are thought to have entered the ranch via the southern route bordering Baringo to evade the guards.

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