Tuesday 17 February 2015

Hundreds of Blue Cranes poisoned in South Africa's Northern Cape

In a massive blow to the population of South Africa’s national bird, between 200 and a thousand blue cranes have been poisoned, allegedly by a well-known Northern Cape farmer.

The farmer, from the Richmond district in the Northern Cape, allegedly poisoned the birds over a
period of three years since 2012.

The birds were apparently attracted to newly planted fields and pivots on his farm, which is designated as a sheep and cattle farm, further raising the possible contravention of land use and
irrigation development laws by the farmer.

Farm workers dipped corn in a poison called Temic, also known as “Two Step” or Aldicarb, to deliberately poison the birds. The workers then collected the carcasses of the dead birds and buried them in porcupine and aardvark holes

Around 20 years ago there were about 100000 and today there are less than 20000.

- See more at: http://africageographic.com/blog/blue-crane-massacre/#sthash.disym5HF.dpuf

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