Tuesday 13 December 2016

Poaching in Tarangire, Tanzania

At least 167 people were arrested in Tarangire National Park in Manyara Region between January to October this year allegedly for poaching or illegal grazing of Livestock.

Some of the suspects have already s appeared in court where some were sentenced to jail.

Other cases are still pending in regional and district courts.

Tarangire now uses a triple Global Positioning System (GPS), a device that enables park rangers monitor the park better. The device helps rangers to track down poachers.

The surging number of livestock in the park has been attributed to the lack of land management strategies by villages. Also wildlife is being killed in the areas adjacent to the park. Recently six elephants were killed.

Tarangire is one of the most economically viable National Parks in the country and protecting it is of utmost important to the country's developing tourist infrastructure.

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