Tuesday 5 January 2016

Tanzania Deputy Minister for Natural Resources suspends operations to remove herders from protected areas

Dar es Salaam — A recent directive by the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr
Ramo Makani, to suspend operations to remove cattle from various game and forestry protected
areas in the country has caused sharp reactions from conservationists.

One person said "It is a stab of a knife in the back of conservation in the whole wildlife conservation range globally. One is not sure if the minister has not opened a can of worms,".

The new President John Magufuli has recently appointed Prof Jumanne Maghembe as new Minister
for NaturalResources and Tourism, and conservationists are hopeful that he will use his experience,
integrity and wisdom to revoke the directive as soon as possible.

Wildlife is one of Tanzania's biggest assets.  Most of the countries tourism is  wildlife based and it contributes up to 17 per cent of Tanzania's GDP, which is more than any sector and is planned to increase.

Herders who invade game reserves often use poison to kill animals such as lions which pose a threat to their cattle. Their animals also massively degrade the environment. Poachers will also use this as a golden opportunity to kill more wildlife.

I wonder if the Deputy Minister has read the the Wildlife Conservation Act (WCA) No. 5 of 2009 
that states that any person shall not graze any livestock in a game reserve or wetland reserve?

I have to ask why such an idiot is given a job like this. I could do a damn sight better.

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