Thursday 17 September 2015

Cecil Hunter arrested in Zimbabwe

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter behind the killing of
Cecil the lion, following the discovery of 29 sable antelope allegedly being smuggled to South
Africa, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

Separate reports say that the professional hunter is under suspicion for illegally importing 29 sables from Zambia.

Conservation group the Bhejane Trust confirmed the sable were found in three 4x4 trucks that
were trying to illegally cross the South African border near Beitbridge at the weekend.

The sable, thought to be of the sub-species kirkii, which typically have longer horns than their southern cousins, may well be part of a larger consignment South African breeders and hunters have been trying to smuggle out of Zambia since 2009.

I note that Walter Palmer is back in business in the US. Still protesting his innocence - does he take us all for complete fools? It seems he will get away with it - again.

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