Thursday 29 January 2015

Ivory and Pangolin skins seized at Uganda's Entebbe Airport

A very large haul of Ivory and pangolin scales were discovered by Wildlife suveillance teams at
Entebbe Airport on Sunday.

There were over 700Kg of ivory and 2 TONS of pangolin skins in  three boxes due for export.
Raw ivory sells for around $2 100 a kg at markets in China, according to Save the Elephants.The
scaly-skinned pangolin is used in traditional medicine in China, with exploding demand in Asia
making it one of the most trafficked mammals in the world.

The boxes had been labelled as communications equipment, and had been cleared for export by customs officials. Their lame excuse was that the boxes were too heavy to be scanned by X-ray machines, but wildlife surveillance teams insisted they must be searched. So the customs officials were obviously in on it.

Three people including a customs officer, a clerk and a truck driver have been arrested. Uganda is a key transit country for the illegal trade in ivory, especially from  the huge rain forests of the Democratic Repuiblic of the Congo

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