Monday 29 December 2014

Boss of major rhino poaching syndicate arrested in South Africa

A 45-year-old man said to be the kingpin of rhino horn poaching in KwaZulu-Natal has been arrested. His wife, and his second-in-command were arrested in a separate swoop in Hluhluwe.

Barend Lottering of Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit said the swoop was the culmination of an eight-month intelligence-driven operation. Lottering warned that while it appeared they had a water-tight case against the man because he had been caught in possession of a rhino horn, he had already evaded prosecution on several occasions.

“This man is the leader of KZN’s biggest rhino-poaching syndicate and about 80 percent of the horns
in the province go through his hands.

While the man claims he is unemployed, the Asset Forfeiture Unit seized six luxury vehicles from his premises including a BMW X5 and a 3-series, a Mercedes Kompressor, a Toyota Land Cruiser and a
Prada. The vehicles are valued at a total of R3 million. According to sources who walked through the man’s house, 3km outside Manguzi in Northern Zululand, evidence of ready cash was everywhere.

Lets hope this time the evidence doesn't go missing and they aren't foolish enough to let him out
on bail.

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