Thursday 13 November 2014

The United States will partner with China and African countries to tackle the poaching crisis

The United States will partner with China and African countries to root out the menace of poaching, a visiting U.S. high-level official said on Monday.

Catherine A. Novelli, the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment, told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Monday that Washington will offer material and technical assistance to revitalize the fight against wildlife crimes in Africa.

Delegates from eight African countries, China and the United States have attended a conference on wildlife trafficking in Tanzania to explore new strategies to contain wildlife crimes.

The U.S. official said Washington will forge a partnership with China to strengthen response to wildlife crimes in Africa, stressing that China has responded positively to a request by the United States to support war against poaching of African elephants and rhinos.

"It was encouraging to witness a size-able delegation of Chinese officials attend the wildlife trafficking conference in Tanzania. Our Chinese colleagues are responding positively to anti- poaching message," Novelli said.

America and China have agreed on a raft of interventions to halt wildlife trafficking in Africa, she said, noting that both countries have rallied behind public awareness targeting tourists, businesses and ordinary citizens.

The United States has also endorsed several legislative and policy tools to boost the war against
environmental crimes in Africa.

Of course it would help if China banned the sale of Ivory.

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