Wednesday 4 June 2014

Ol Jorgi Ranch Ranger Killed in Laikipia (Kenya) Raid

A Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger attached to Ol Jorgi Ranch in Laikipia North Sub-county was shot dead by suspected poachers on Monday night. Paul Harrison Lelesepei, 25 was with other rangers  guarding the sanctuary when they were attacked by suspected rhino poachers.
According to the KWS senior warden in charge of Mountain region Aggrey Maumo, the rangers were patrolling the ranch at the border with Loldaiga hill ranch when they were apprehended by the poachers. Maumo said there was a gun battle and the ranger was shot and died while being taken to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital. The Director said there were two gangs of poachers in and around the ranch that night.
"One gang was inside the ranch already while another was outside. Our rangers had no information about the other gang that was inside and were caught unawares during the shootout with the other that was outside" Maumo said. The poachers managed to flee without any arrest made so far, with Maumo saying that they have leads. He said that all rhino sanctuaries in Laikipia have become a target for poachers with Ol Jorgi experiencing several attacks where five rhinos have been killed in the past six months.

These rangers are absolute Heroes. They have my deepest admiration.

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