Tuesday 13 May 2014

Poaching in Cameroon

Cameroon said its soldiers have shot and killed five suspected poachers who had been killing elephants in the West Africa country. The military said some of those killed were Janjaweed militiamen from Sudan.
The heavily armed poachers were caught operating in the Waza National Park.

A spokesperson for Cameroon's military, Colonel Didier Badjeck, said soldiers who have been patrolling to protect the wildlife responded, and in the ensuing gun battle, five of the poachers were killed.

He said the rapid intervention battalion of the Cameroon army had been deployed in the park with expert shooters and logistics. To aid them, air and land patrols were organized. Ten horses, more than 2,000 bullets and 88 elephant tusks were seized and handed to the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.
More than 1,000 elephants live in the park, which located in far northern Cameroon, near borders with Nigeria and Chad.

Last year, 100 elephants were killed in Cameroon, an improvement over 2012 when 300 of the animals were felled by poachers' bullets.

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